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Specializing in Medical Equipment Repair Service Worldwide (800) 315-1450

We offer medical equipment repair service Worldwide with fast turn-around time.

Unbeatable Price - 12-Year Warranty - Special Bulk Pricing - International Shipping - Emergency on-call service locally available!


Local Repair Service

Local Repair Services

Call to setup your pick-up today. We are in Miami-Dade County area every Wednesday and Friday!

Need a rush or special pick-up? Call us today! 1 (800) 315-1450

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Never get answering service

Live person to help you with your needs 24/7!


Corporate Repairs

Corporate Repairs

Looking for a fast turn-around with little expense? Tired of waiting on Manufacturers?

Teko Technicians with 30 years of experience can fulfill your need.

Customer Satisfaction

Repair Pricing

We are dedicated to Saving Hospitals money, while providing a Professional Service.
Check out our medical equipment pricing.


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